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Planreal Immobilien & Bauträger GmbH

Planreal Immobilien & Bauträger GmbH


St. michael im lungau

Actief sinds: 01-01-2000

Over ons

PLANREAL has received awards for its work. However, that´s no reason for us to rest on our laurels.

As a family business, we from PLANREAL Immobilien & Bauträger GmbH are now the 3rd generation actively involved in the construction and real-estate business. Specific market knowledges and a professional determination of market value of the properties form the basis for our professional real-estate marketing.

Our services spectrum...

...within the scope of our role as a property developer, encompasses purchase of plots and properties, concept development, planning, construction management, sales and handling of all stages of the process.

In parallel to this, the second branch of our business, as a real-estate brokerage, involves acting as a go-between in the marketing of plots and property, management of the purchase process, expert and precise legal and tax advice, insurance referral and assistance with financing.

PLANREAL stands for top quality and outstanding service. Constantly raising our exectations and standards was, and continues to be our recipe for success. That´s why we understand our customers and do everything in our power to meet their individual wishes.

The last four years, we received the award as "Bellevue Best Property Agent". This success affirmed our efforts and, at the same time, motivates us to push beyond our supposed limits.

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